Welcome Letter

  •  Zeki Demirtaşoğlu

    Conference Chair

    Chairman of Executive Board of Milling Machinery Manufacturer Association

 Dear Fellows,

The Association of Mill and industry machinery manufacturers (DESMÜD) is a non-governmental organization established by manufacturers in Turkey, in order to continue its current quantitative success in the world, to be a global power and to act collectively. DESMÜD aims to improve market opportunities and cooperation opportunities, to follow new emerging technologies and to support scientific and sectoral research in order to carry Turkish manufacturers and stakeholders who are already in a leading position around the world to a higher stage.

The export amount of our sector representatives in 2017 was USD 1.35 billion with 34% growth. Our efforts and works are continuing to contribute to the year 2023 goals of Republic of Turkey 1which will celebrate its 100th anniversary of foundation with the same growth rates, “with an export figure of $ 7 billion”. To this end, DESMÜD tries to develop the infrastructure and policies required by our machine manufacturing industry, to increase its competitiveness and to ensure its continuity, to ensure the environment of cooperation and co-working between all institutions and organizations including the public sector. Today's economic conditions make these efforts inevitable.

For this purpose, I am pleased to invite you as the distinguished milling machinery manufacturers and suppliers, public institutions representatives and all our stakeholders operating in the sector to our “World Milling Technology Conference & Exhibition” which will take place in Antalya on 31 October - 3 November 2019.

With the conference we will organize, more than 500 national and international participants, consisting of mill machinery manufacturers, industry suppliers, flour industry members, academicians, representatives of public and institutions will meet under the same roof. In this important meeting, valuable sessions will be held to find solutions to our current problems and to consolidate and improve the communication and cooperation between stakeholders, to introduce new and current technologies, to follow developments in national and international markets and to take advice from academicians and institutions. Exhibition area and social activities that will bring together sector producers and suppliers will also be planned.

We will be honored and happy to host you in Antalya on 31 October - 3 November 2019.



 Key Information

 The World Milling Technologies Conference & Exhibition

31 October - 03 November 2019, Belek, Antalya-Turkey

Conference and Exhibition Venue

Xanadu Resort Hotel - High Class

Conference Language

Turkish - English

Exhibition Area

An exhibition area will be designated for producers and suppliers

 Keynote Speakers

  •  Atilla Yeşilada


    2020 World Economy and Exchange Rates

  •  Şefik Ergönül

    Foreign Trade Specialist

    Global Trade Grinder

  •  Haluk Tatar

    Researcher & Author

    Industry 5.0 and Future of Machine Manufacturing

  •  Haluk Ziya Türkmen


    Towards Unmanned Companies; New Management and Business Models

  • Turgay Adıyaman

    Saffron Brand Consultants

    Türkiye, Rusya ve Orta Asya Direktörü


 Conference Venue

 The Xanadu Resort Hotel

 The Xanadu Resort Hotel in Belek, Turkey has joined the OTI Group of Companies and proudly provides high quality holiday services to guests from numerous countries all over the World, including Turkey, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. 

Ideally located in the Belek Tourism Center at the Mediterranean Coast, this five star Hotel offers a “High Class - All Inclusive” resort experience for the holiday of a lifetime.

Be carried back to the times of the ancient Romans, among the pillared walkways, ancient-style pools and amphitheater which is the centre of the Entertainment activities. The Resort offers MICE facilities on 2.500 sqm and creates a brand new center of attraction with its new Kids World on 5.500 sqm for 1 to 16 year old kids, babies and teens with indoor and outdoor activity areas in Summer 2015.

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  •  Turkish Flour Industrialists' Federation

  •  Turkey Feed Industrialists' Association

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    Commodity Exchange

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